Traveline: Planning public transport routes

If you are currently in the UK and need public transport route planning, don’t worry! You can use Traveline‘s excellent information service, offered by local authorities and public transport operators on all matters related to this topic. A service that has been provided impartially and free of charge since 2000.

You should know that the cheapest trip in the United Kingdom is achieved by traveling by bus. The process of selecting schedules, routes and reservations is easy. Brexit has not affected cross-border travel, but the covid-19 pandemic has, these days.

What is the cheapest way to get around the UK?

When you hear about buses, keep in mind that it refers to those intercity, tourist and excursion buses. Remember, you must refer to the term “buses”, otherwise you will be talking about a local transport to cross the country from end to end.

Local Transportation

In the UK there are local buses, red double-decker buses and rural ones. Making use of common public buses is a good and cheap alternative to get to know the cities. You only need to find out about the routes and rates.
Mainly, coach terminals tend to be located close to rail lines. In cities, you place them in the center and metropolitan area, even in shopping centers.

Information on routes and schedules

Traveline is made up of transport companies, local authorities and a group of passengers. It is responsible for providing a purely informative service, in terms of travel planning.

It covers all public transport services (buses, coaches, trains, metro …) that exist within the English, Gallic and Scottish territory. Mostly, its information is oriented to trips and to the places where the units embark and disembark, such as stations, platforms, bus stops and established schedules for the different routes.

This information is provided through its web portal. If you cannot access a PC or mobile device with internet access, you must call Traveline’s direct telephone number: 0871 200 22 33.

Advantages of using Traveline

Among the main advantages of using this service, you find:

  • Is free
  • It is easily accessible, by web or by phone
  • Is impartial in discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using various modes of transport in the UK
  • Covers most of the existing means of transport
  • It is a leader in information and has the support of local authorities.

In Northern Ireland, Translink is an information system dedicated to transport, and is supported by private companies.

Some of the major UK intercity bus operators

With any of the following companies, you can travel from end to end of the UK with security and confidence. These are:

• National Express
• Scottish Citylink
• Megabus

The UK local bus directory on Showbus UK is a fabulous tool as it has online links to companies across the UK and this streamlines the process of finding routes and timetables.

Both the Postbus and the Postbus Routefinder are services in charge of preventing certain rural communities from becoming totally isolated, due to their remote and distant location.

With the information provided in this article, you will guide yourself when choosing the best alternative both in terms of reliability and cost, to move through the various cities and towns throughout the United Kingdom, smoothly and quickly.

Now that you know the qualities of this land transport service in the United Kingdom, you will be able to make the most of your travels and discover its charm to its full extent.

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