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Route Planners

Plan a door-to-door journey

A quick guide to the Journey Planners


You can plan a journey in a number of different ways to suit your needs.

Plan me a journey door to door...

Image showing the quick planner icons on Transport Direct

An image showing a summary of journey results The simplest way to plan your journey is to use the door-to-door journey planner above. This searches for up to five journey options - by joined-up public transport or by car. Just enter your origin and destination and the results will show step-by-step directions, including any connections you need to make, station details, interchange times or driving instructions if you have selected the car journey.

An image showing a summary of journey results By clicking the 'Maps' or 'show map' button you can see a map of your entire journey, or you can look at the individual sections by clicking the map button next to that leg.


By clicking "Tickets/Costs", you can check the prices and availability of rail and coach tickets and buy your tickets from partner retailer sites.


I know how I want to travel...


Perhaps you have already decided what form of transport to use for the main part of your journey.
In that case use our single mode planners to Find a train, Find a flight, Find a car route, Find a coach or Find a bus. These will list journeys for just that type of transport.

Image showing the quick planner icons on Transport Direct


By using the 'Find cheaper rail fares' or 'Find a train' planner you can search by price for a rail ticket. A search by price allows you to choose from a range of fares before you see the journey details relevant to that ticket price.


You can also use the city to city journey planner to quickly compare train, plane, coach and car journeys between two cities or towns in Britain.


If you chose to complete your journey by car, you can find the nearest car park to your origin or destination by clicking 'Drive to a car park' and following the instructions on the screen.


Plan me a cycle route…


Transport Direct's 'Find a cycle route' planner is designed to plan local cycle journeys within urban areas. You can choose from the quickest journey, one that takes the quietest route, or a recreational journey which will take as many green places as possible. Details of the journey will be displayed along with the graph showing the gradient of the journey.


An image showing a Cycle Planner details page

The cycle planner covers many areas of Great Britain and we are regularly adding more areas. Please visit our FAQs to see if the cycle planner covers your area.


Amending my chosen journey


Once you have found a journey you want, you can modify your journey:.

Image representing the action of adding to the overall journey Add a connecting journey - find the main part of your journey and then extend the plan to show how to get from the station to your door by car or public transport.
Image representing the action of changing the journey plan Combine public transport and car - replace a section of your journey that uses public transport with a car journey.
Image representing the action of adjusting the timings of a journey Adjust the timings within your journey - allow more time at the places where you have to change transport and re-plan your journey accordingly.
Image of the ‘Amend date and time’ feature Change your origin and/or destination and/or your travel date and time by clicking this icon or the "Amend" button at the top of the page. You could also use the "Amend date and time" feature, at the bottom of the page.


Save my journey request


Once you have found a journey, you can save it as a bookmark ("favourite") in your browser...


Image showing feature to bookmark a journey


...and retrieve it at a future time from the "Favourites" menu in your browser.


Screenshot showing the browser favourites menu bar


Or Share your journey


After you plan your journey there are a number of links in the left hand menu which allow you to share your journey with friends using different social networks.


Screenshot showing the social network sites

Simply plan the journey, click the link in the left hand menu and once you log in to the relevant social network site a link will be posted there allowing your friends to see the journey you've planned. So if you're planning a party and you want people to know how to get there or your'e planning to visit friends or family and want to share your travel plans you now have more ways than ever to do it. Don't forget if you are a registered user you still have the option to email your plans directly to your friends too.

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