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You can plan journeys for the current calendar month and the next two months.
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Click the Advanced Options button above to amend some of the following options for your journey. Options include:

  • Amend the maximum speed at which you would like to travel
  • Choose to avoid unlit roads or walking with your bike
  • Select a location you would like your journey to go via

Cycle Planning
We have made some changes to the cycle planner in response to user feedback. For example your cycle journey will now avoid steep hills where possible. You can still change your journey preferences to ‘quietest’, ‘quickest’ or ‘most recreational’. Transport Direct continues to work with our partners to ensure that there is good quality information on cycling in the following areas:
  • All England
  • Cardiff

We’d appreciate your further feedback on the cycle planner; please click on "Contact us" at the bottom of the page to let us know what you think or report any problems. We will consider all feedback and will be improving the planner further over the coming months.